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Channel Letters from Legend Sign

November 23rd, 2016 by Ima Admin

channel-letters-example_400x300pA standard channel letter is a three-dimensional graphic sign element. Its channel is fabricated from sheet metal, most often aluminum since it will not rust.

Channel letters are becoming one of the best marketing and brand recognition tools available. They represent one of the fastest-growing areas of the signage industry. Channel letters come in a wide variety of lettering types, fonts, styles, and LED or Neon illumination.


Variety of Letter Types:

  • Standard
  • Custom shapes (personalized symbols or logos)
  • Embossed faces
  • Reverse (Back lit)
  • Open-face

Additional options include trim capped acrylic faces, non-illuminated and stud mounted. For more information on channel letters Contact Legend Sign or call us at 616-447-7446!

Electronic Message Centers from Legend Sign

November 23rd, 2016 by Ima Admin

electronic-message-sign-example_400x300Choosing LED signage or electronic message centers offer your business state-of-the-art electronic sign and the ability to increase the exposure of a multitude of messages to your potential clients. If you require extraordinary outreach to your audience, an electronic message sign is the way to go. These signs provide a communication tool designed to last and perform for many years into the future.

Legend Sign understands that your ability to quickly capture the attention of your customers and attract new customers is crucial to the growth of your company. Business owners who choose to utilize outdoor LED display signs can typically see an increase in business of 15% at the least! Electronic message centers act as a salesperson on the street, working 24/7 to communicate with everyone that passes by your location.

Looking to install an Electronic Message Center on your premesis? Contact Legend Sign Co. in Grand Rapids today to get started!

Pylon Signs from Legend Sign Co.

November 23rd, 2016 by Ima Admin

pylon-sign-example_400x300Pylon signs are usually large and horizontal, sit on the ground, or refer to signs mounted on simple poles in order to achieve height. The material that is used to make pylon signs can vary depending on what the customer requests and what makes sense for the particular sign.

These signs are suitable for any weather condition or climate. Pylon signs are also referred to as freestanding signs and used Shopping Centers, businesses, and other organizations to provide exposure to multiple businesses or allow major exposure for one organization.

Since pylon signs can be made of various different types of materials, business owners also have a lot of choices when it comes to the look of the sign. One of the best things about pylon signs is that they are commonly illuminated. Though illumination isn’t required, choosing this option means that the sign can easily be seen during the day and at night.

One of the best benefits of illuminated pylon signs is that your business or property can stand out both during the day and at night. Illuminated pylon signs are popular with resort owners because resorts often have people arriving at all hours during the day and night. Guests need to be able to easily find the property no matter what time they arrive.

However, illuminated pylon signs aren’t just great for resorts and similar businesses. A sign is one of the best marketing materials that a company can invest in. Even when it’s late and you’re not open, people driving or walking by can easily see an illuminated sign.
Another benefit of illuminated pylon signs is that they are cost effective. Maintenance is a breeze and the operating cost is low when compared to other types of illuminated sign choices.

A pylon sign is a freestanding sign and therefore, it can often be seen from a distance. A pylon sign that is set up high is a great way to gain even more exposure for a business.

Finally, pylon signs can easily be customized and tailored for your business. Colors, lettering, size and various other options can revolve around your needs. Whether you need to simply create a sign for your business or a whole complex of businesses, pylon signs are a great choice.

Already have the pylon structure but need to change the business information on the face? Not a problem, most pylon signs can be easily changed depending on the type of sign and material used. To learn more about pylon signs, Contact Us or call 616-447-7446.

Legend Sign 25 Ottawa Project

November 20th, 2016 by Ima Admin

temp-blog-img_400x300Legend Sign has been working with Colliers International on some sign projects at 25 Ottawa.

Colliers in West Michigan focuses on accelerating our clients’ success by seamlessly providing a full range of services to investors, property owners, tenants, and developers. We strive to make your business better through more strategic and informed real estate decisions while providing a superior client experience throughout the process.

25 Ottawa Pillar Wrap with Alumalitee
Legend Sign built a wood frame around the block pillar and then applied metal sign panels with renderings.

25 Ottawa Window Graphics
window graphics were printed on perforated vinyl (you can see through the vinyl from the inside, but see the graphics from the outside) and installed

Sign Types Offered By Legend Sign Co. in Grand Rapids

November 20th, 2016 by Ima Admin

temp-blog-img_400x300Pylon Signs
Our pylon signs rise above the competition, with superior quality and attractive design. When you want to be seen, the sky’s the limit! Pylon signs are perfect for shopping centers, office parks or any business where visibility demands you go BIG!

Channel Letters
3D channel letters have become an industry standard. Let our design staff create an image that will wow your customers. Using neon and L.E.D. technology let us put your name in lights!

Vehicle Signage
Legend sign Co. can make custom graphics and lettering for planes, cars, vans, trucks or boats. Our digital graphics or reflective vinyl will turn heads.

Monument Signs
A ground-mounted, low profile sign, available in all different shapes, sizes and colors. The signs can be lit, or non-lit upon preference. Let our monument signs provide an attractive answer to your identity and wayfinding needs.