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Legend Sign Co. Grand Rapids…here to solve life’s mysteries, riddles, and conundrums?
Maybe just a bunch of sign guys providing answers to some of the most commonly asked sign questions!

What style of signs does Legend Signs Grand Rapids make?
We can offer most any style of sign that exists! Each sign we build is custom, thus there isn’t a limit to the kinds of sign we can think up or create to suit your specific want or needs.
I have some signs that require repair. Are you able to help?
We have made it a priority to replace signs that have worn with age or were badly constructed. Let’s clean up Grand Rapids …. One sign at a time. No seriously, it depends on the current condition of the sign and also what you want in the way of repairs. In most cases, an on-the-spot visit is probably recommended to form a full analysis.
What do your signs cost?
Our work is customized and engineered to every client’s specific wants. The pricing structure of your sign can rely entirely on the quality of the look, the fabrication and also the materials. Most of our job is teaching and advising our customers concerning their choices. We’ll work with you to assist you in meeting your objectives while selecting an option that stays inside your budget.
What about installation? Does Legend Signs Grand Rapids offer it?
Yes. If your sign project is still being developed we encourage you to involve Legend Sign Co of Grand Rapids in the planning. We will typically minimize the time and price of developing an advertising piece. We like to think of it as becoming another member of your team.
I have already got styles done. Am I able to send you drawings to price?
We can provide a tentative quote based on the information you provide and similar signage we have completed in the past.
What materials are your signs created of
Signs are created using acrylic, stone, wood, aluminum and fiberglass, a part of the customizing method is to utilize the best materials based on project needs.
Do you visit my location or site? How does Legend Signs Grand Rapids know what signage I need?
Our goal is to completely conceptualize the goal you are trying to achieve, then we will begin to suggest solutions. Every project needs an amount of data collected to determine the best way to assist you. Typically this involves an on-the-spot visit.