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Permanent Commercial Signage

Visit the Gallery for a few examples of our work in commercial permanent or architectural signage. Below is a brief description to familiarize you with signage types. For details about the benefits of each type for your particular location and application, please talk to us or read more in our resource section.

Pylon Signs

These versatile, free-standing, and hard-to-miss signs are often used by Shopping Centers, businesses, and other organizations to provide exposure to multiple businesses or allow major exposure for one organization. Pylon signs can be made from many different types of materials, and they are commonly illuminated. Though lights aren’t required, including them means your sign can easily be seen both day and night. Pylon signs are highly visible from a distance giving your business even more exposure.

Monument Signs

These bold, free-standing signs are often used to mark important buildings, entrances, or other places-of-interest. They can be made from several different materials in many different styles, and we also provide options for illumination. Monument signs may also have Digital Message Signs installed inside of them for added effect.

Check Out Our Video on Monument Signs

Channel Letters

Channel Letters are an attractive and increasingly popular way to put your name up in lights and elevate your brand. These custom-fabricated, back-lit letters or shapes add some extra dimension to your name and the face of your business.

Wall & Cabinet Signs

Another popular set of options available from Legend Sign Co. are wall-mounted signs and illuminated cabinet signs. Wall-mounted signs can be made in a large number of different materials and styles, and cabinets provide an economical alternative to channel letters while accomplishing a similar goal.

Routed & Sandblasted Signs

Routed or Media-Blasted signs give your company logo and message extra dimension with a striking bas-relief effect. These signs may be mounted on posts or directly on structures, and provide a more natural weathered look without compromising attention-grabbing contrast. The positive spaces (ie. lettering and light areas of your logo) are masked out and the rest is carved away by either a CNC Router or sand blasting. These signs may also be painted or stained for added effect.

Digital/LED Message Signs

The days of switching out plastic marquee letters are over with Digital Message Signs. These versatile signs allow you to quickly and easily change your message to passersby or even scroll through multiple ones. These signs may also be integrated into Pylon and Monument signs. Contact the Legend Sign Team for details.